R.C.™ is an invigorating blend of cypress, spruce, and three varieties of eucalyptus that is comforting when applied to the chest and throat.

Cypress: helps to improve circulation and strengthen blood capillaries, discourages fluid retention.

Spruce: releases emotional blocks, bringing about a feeling of balance and grounding.


Myrtle: supports the respiratory system and helps to ease chronic coughs. 

Pine: it has been used since the time of Hippocrates to support respiratory function and aid in the fight against infection. 

Marjoram: supports the respiratory system and helps to ease spasms. 

Lavender: it is relaxing and grounding.

Peppermint: is a powerful nasal and lung decongestant with antiseptic properties. It opens nasal passages, reduces cough, improves airflow to the lungs, and kills airborne bacteria, fungi, and viruses.