Canadians Pay More In Taxes Than On Basic Personal Needs
High School Musical is a 2006 American teen/romantic comedy musical television film and the first installment in the High School Musical trilogy. The trilogy was directed by Kenny Ortega, who is also famous for directing Hocus Pocus. Upon its release on January 20, 2006, it became the most successful film that Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) ever produced, with a television sequelHigh School Musical 2, released in 2007 and the feature film, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, released theatrically in October 2008. It is the first and only DCOM to have a theatrical sequel.[ The film's soundtrack was the best-selling album in the United States and reached number 1 on the American Charts for 2006. On its premiere, the film was a success with 7.7 million viewers. The Remix Edition, a 2-disc Special Edition, was released on December 5, 2006. The Remix DVD was released in France on June 20, 2007. and in Germany on September 13, 2007. The Remix DVD was released in the UK on September 10, 2007.

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