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Guitar Hero Drums and Guitar set

Guitar Hero Drums and Guitar set

This Guitar Hero drums and guitar set is for Xbox 360 and it’s for any gamer who wants to rock out and dream big any day of the week. This package includes the wireless drum set, 2 original guitars and their stands, along with the satisfaction of playing any of the series of games (not included).
- Guitar Hero Drums
- Gibson Guitar 
- Fender Guitar (w/extra buttons)
- 2 Stands
- 2 Straps 
The items in this package are all pre-owned but are in excellent working condition and the Fender has a second set of keys that you are able to press lower down on the neck in order to allow for rapid finger movement in those big long solos that are such a dream to hit. 

Although this package does not contain any of the Guitar Hero games, you will find that they are available for cheap for purchase which may allow for a larger collection of songs for you to jam out to. This is a great game to spend time playing while you dream big of all the rock concerts and wild shows to be played as a rock and roll legend! 
This game can be played once purchased any of the series games and it can be played all together as a band or you are able to play versus matches or guitar battles against your friends as you compete to dream big.
This is a great package for the upcoming holiday season if you have any little rascals who want to take up their dream of being a young rockstar without the hassle of loud banging drums and amplifiers. A great holiday bundle nice and early in the season ready for you and your youngster.
Each guitar also has an attached whammy bar and black arm strap, the Fender also comes with a couple extra control buttons on the body just beside the whammy bar and the drum set has a blue foot pedal. The best part about this bundle is the great comfort you get from relaxing playing these games as you unlock new songs, characters, and instruments, clearly the best choice for any music fan or gamer.

For just $50.00

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