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ony Wireless Headset Dream Band

ony Wireless Headset Dream Band

Sony Wireless Headset dream band for listening to music from your TV or computer with great quality sound for games and any types of music up to 30 feet from the main charger base. To use this product simply plug in the charger base to the wall and the television, computer, or even phone. Then, take the wireless headset and you're good to go! In order to charge the headset just place it back on the charger base. This is a dream band in the sense of comfort the way it fits on your head, especially with its easily adjustable strap. This Sony headset is in great condition and it is used but very lightly. This headset is great for listening to your dream band or for creating your dream band without having to deal with wires all over the place while trying to listen to your music. This works with televisions which means it is also very useful for listening to any video game system through the TV or for listening to movies for one person. This system has volume controls and also has an audio cable with a flippable cable for connecting through either the red, white, and yellow side for the TV or computer, or it flips in order to listen to things such as music from a phone, MP3 player, or whatever other type of output it can fit into for listening to your dream band. 


This quality multimedia listening device is a great product for its ability to put out great sound and allow you to fully enjoy sounds such as the ones from your dream band or many other sources. To further advance your gaming ability and to prevent the sound of games to take over a room, this headset is exactly what you need because you are able to listen to games, TV shows and movies while the TV volume is fully turned down, an amazing investment for multiple reasons! The best idea for anyone looking to listen to their dream band wirelessly. To purchase this item please send a message to notify when you are available for pick-up!

Please send us a message to purchase this item and arrange to pick up.