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Star Trek Beyond blu-ray

Star Trek Beyond blu-ray

Star Trek Beyond warps onto Blu-ray with a proficient and generally exciting Dolby Atmos soundtrack. The presentation begins with a quality example of how the added overhead channels can enhance a scene. Kirk is playing the role of mediator between two alien factions that don't like one another very much, and similar to the trial that sent the elder Kirk to Rura Penthe, he's standing in a very large, vertically stretched chamber that allows for some rich reverberation that essentially puts the listener in his shoes. The track further expands moments later with a barrage of nifty sound effects and accompanying bass that set the tone for the track (and set the story in motion) while offering a good sampling of what the track can accomplish. Action scenes are wonderfully complex yet smooth and detailed. Explosions, phaser blasts, falling debris, and other all-inclusive action details are perfectly meshed together with seamless 360-degree immersion and a complimentary top layer that, beyond a few moments, never dominates the proceedings but rather enhances them a great deal. One of the best moments in the film, and a strong Atmos reference moment, comes when the top layer of the stage seems to roll with the sound of heavy wreckage as the shot pans around at the 48:20 mark. Likewise, dripping water seems to plop from the ceiling in a cavernous enemy compound at one point. Immersive din is enjoyable on the bustling streets of Yorktown. Music, whether score or popular, is smooth and detailed throughout the range, and plays with an enveloping flow around the stage. Dialogue is clear and detailed, well prioritized and comfortably focused in the center channel, save for when the track naturally expands its placement for effect. 

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