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Denon AVR-2307CI is an electronic receiver which is in good physical condition, the power works and it all seems to be in order but I don't have the cables to check if the volume still works. 


  • Lots of connections
  • Plenty of power
  • HDMI/Component upconversion of all video inputs
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Sneaky little remote


  • Setup can be a little confusing at first
  • Zone 2 can only accept analogue inputs

Denon AVR-2307CI

When Denon adds the CI suffix to a model number, I fear most users don’t know what to think. CI? It is more expensive so it must be better right? Well, for the most part the CI (Custom Integration) adds advanced connectivity and control features… whatever they are. RS-232? What does that do again? Just remember this; installers are interested in ease of use. They want the receiver to do more switching, more auto sensing, and assignable, renameable, and multiple inputs. Actually, I want that too. And so should you. The AVR-2307CI can convert everything up to HDMI (including composite video) so you theoretically should be able to run one cable to your display (with some caveats – see below). They have dedicated inputs for iPods and it is XM Radio ready. It’s got an auto EQ and auto calibration (not the famed Audyssey but it is something) and a manual EQ. So, while you may be uninterested in the RS-232 port on the back, don’t think that the CI designation isn’t for you. ‘Cause it is.

$140.00 Please send us a message to purchase this item and arrange to pick up.